I like solving odd and unusual problems and hacking my own way to the solution. I also like building and crafting things, may it be a computer program, a website, or a physical object.
I obviously like to work with computers, but I'm also interested in the human behavior, as I'd especially like to close the human-machine gap by making them more like us and a little less like robots.

General Skills


I love being part of a team to overcome a problem and build a solution. I like interacting with people during work, especially if they learn from you as much as you can learn from them.


I'm never scared of drawing my own new path, and I have the confidence to make it reach its end.


The quote "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." summarizes well my view on the absolute necessity to keep on discovering, learning and experiencing new things throughout my life.


French (Native)

English (Fluent)

Spanish (Average)

German (Basics)

Technical Skills

C (Good)

Python (Very good)

Java (Good)

Caml (Average)

Web dev (HTML/CSS) (Good)

Linux Sysadmin (Intermediate)

Cloud Admin(Google App Engine/Azure)

MongoDB (Proficient)

Docker & Docker-Swarm(Fair)

System Dev (GTK+3)

Maths (Master Level)

Pytorch & Theano

Pandas/Numpy (Fair)

WebApps (Fair)


Professional Experience

Research Engineer @ LIP6

October of 2016 - October of 2017

Worked on cleaning and aggregating a dataset of heterogeneous relations, given to my lab by Salezeo (a lead generation startup). Currently working on the implementation in PyTorch of an upgraded Matrix Factorization model that uses gaussian embeddings to model uncerntainty about the relations between entities. The goal is to build a recommender system that produces more relevant and more diverse suggestions to the end user.
Also currently working on a time series classification model, using convolutional filters, to mimick and improve the existing shapelet model.

Research Intern @ Ottawa University with Pierre Lévy

March 2016 - August 2016

Worked on a fundamental research project, which consisted in implementing, revising and testing Pierre Levy's brainchild, IEML (he's a philosopher, known for coining the concept of "Collective Intelligence"). IEML is a completely new Natural Semantic Metalanguage, and understanding Pierre's ideas also required a very deep understanding of the philosophy of language.

Data Scientist @ Walnut Algorithm

Summer of 2015

Worked on an automatic trading engine that uses Machine Learning to detect patterns in financial data. Also helped them set up and harden their server infrastructure.

Backend Programmer for a Mobile App @ Wepic

Summer of 2014

Wrote the API interface and the server for a mobile application, as part of a freelance mission, on the Google App Engine framework, using Python. I also made a website to display simple statistics on the app's activity.

Internship @ J&J, IT Department

2 weeks in 2010

Worked in the maintenance departement and on a project to help gather data on clients.

Internship @ Metamagix

2 weeks in 2008

Helped the team do a full local network discovery, and documented their software and tools.




Computer Engineering School, in Grenoble

Followed courses in Algorithmics, Calculus, Java, C and Ada Programming, Formal Languages, Statistics and Probability Theory. We've also been familirized with networks and OS programming as part of a chosen syllabus.



Ecole préparatoire, Lycée Charlemagne in Paris

Followed advanced courses in Calculus, Linear Algebra, Geometrics, and general Physics. I also took an optionnal Computer Science course, mainly focused on algorithms and automata theory, using the Caml language.
I did more research on Neural Networks and Sound Processing to build a python program able to tell the instrument played in a soundtrack.

Baccaulauréat S


Lycée Francais de Vienne, in Austria

Scored with a "Mention Très Bien" ("with highest honors" mention). As part of an academic project, I studied Neural Networks and made a small program able to recognize handwritten letters after a small training

9th Grade


Princeton High School, NJ

Took Latin and Geoscience as optional courses. I also followed a course in VB6 programming there, which gave me a good taste for the CS area

Other Experiences

Val D'Isère Hackathon

Took part in and won a week-long Hackathon, aimed at improving a skier's experience. I wrote the backend.

Hack my City Hackathon

Took part in a 2-days Hackathon that involved building a website to improve mobility in a grenoble suburb. Our team was acknowledged for the originality of our solution.

Event Organization

Fully organized a real-life strategy game with about 30 participants, taking place in a forest, during 2 days. I renewed this incredible experience 3 times

Other Occupations

Trying to use MBrola, an old TTS engine, to make an electronic music synth.

11 years of competitive swimming

I was varsity in my Cross-Country team during freshman year

I 've been doing some martial arts (Qwan Ki Do)

I'm a musician (Drummer and Guitarist), even a composer sometimes

I did and would like to do again some improv theater

Since I'd like to work in AI's in general, I'm snooping through everything it relates to: math, neurology, sociology, psychology, data science and of course CS